Special Events

Maineland Screening

Monday, April 29 11:45am–1:30pm – FREE

Filmed over three years in China and the U.S., MAINELAND is a multi-layered coming-of-age tale that follows two affluent and cosmopolitan teenagers as they settle into a boarding school in blue-collar rural Maine. Part of the enormous wave of “parachute students” from China enrolling in U.S. private schools, bubbly, fun-loving Stella and introspective Harry come seeking a Western-style education, escape from the dreaded Chinese college entrance exam, and the promise of a Hollywood-style U.S. high school experience. As Stella and Harry’s fuzzy visions of the American dream slowly gain more clarity, they ruminate on their experiences of alienation, culture clash, and personal identity, sharing new understandings and poignant discourses on home and country.

Following the film, Director Miao Wong will personally host a Q&A.

Excursion 1: Global Programs at St. George’s School 

Tuesday, April 30 1:00pm – $45

The Global Programs Offerings at St. George’s School seek to fulfill the mission of the school by helping students and faculty experience cultures beyond the campus and develop a more connected understanding of the world in which they live. The offerings include school exchange programs for both students and faculty, a senior seminar in Global Studies, a service-learning program to South Africa, an internship program in Paris and Madrid, and a science research program in Costa Rica. We welcome you to visit St. George’s to not only visit our school but also learn about our programs and goals for the department.
Capacity: 25

Excursion 2: Touro Synagogue

Tuesday, April 30 2:00pm – $45

Dedicated in 1763, Touro Synagogue is the oldest synagogue building in the United States. A structure of exquisite beauty and design, steeped in history and ideals, the synagogue is considered one of the ten most architecturally distinguished buildings of 18th century America and the most historically significant Jewish building in the United States. The congregation was founded in 1658, and stands as a symbol of religious freedom for all Americans. It was designated a National Historic Site in 1946. The Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Visitors Center opened in 2009 with exhibits to further explore the history of Newport’s early Jewish community and the origins of First Amendment rights. Each year, over 30,000 visitors cross the synagogue threshold to pray, to see its magnificent interior and to hear its remarkable story.
Capacity: 25