W-1 Combatting Stereotype Threat with Mindset, Motivation, & Research
Sunday, April 30 • 3:30 - 5:00PM • Complimentary
Two decades of troubling research shows that social stereotypes can become self-fulfilling prophecies. When students perceive stereotypes about their academic, athletic, or emotional capacities, their own efforts to disprove these stereotypes can undermine the abilities they intended to demonstrate. How can TABS teachers and schools—especially those interested in global connections—undo this destructive cycle?

This interactive workshop explores the complex and fascinating psychology behind Stereotype Threat. Crucially, we will spend most of our time discussing and practicing practical strategies for reversing its pernicious effects. Specifically, we will consider:

Up-to-date research in neuroscience and psychology, combined with extensive classroom experience, grounds the models and strategies presented in this workshop. Taken together, they help our students overcome stereotypes in order to learn, grow, and make global connections.

Presenters: Andrew Watson, President, Translate the Brain, MA


W-2 Leveraging the World Inside Our Schools: Fostering Meaningful Inclusion of Int’l Students
Sunday, April 30 • 1:00 - 5:00PM

International schools have an unparalleled opportunity for global learning that includes the international students already present on their campuses engaging in meaningful dialogue. This session will explore challenges our international students experience inside our schools including intercultural conflicts and integration of authentic global perspectives. It will feature practical strategies for curricular and social integration being used at Appleby College which help to create safe learning and living spaces where all students feel included, appreciated and supported.

Presenters: Andrea Kelly, House Director/Assistant Director of Student Leadership; Appleby College, ON; and Jennifer Klein, Director of Educator Development, World Leadership School, CO


W-3 Creating a Global Studies Diploma Program-- the what, how and why
Sunday, April 30 • 1:00 - 5:00PM
A global studies "diploma-type" program is a great way to establish an upper school global curriculum without a "revolution." In fact, many schools already have the necessary components to start such a program. After providing overviews of two prominent programs—one at Providence Day School and one at Hathaway Brown—the presenter will provide activities to help you create your own programs by identifying requirements, global-type courses, capstone projects, leadership needs, funding and strategic imperatives. You will also learn about other advantages of global studies diploma-type programs—including benefits to enrollment, admissions and faculty recruitment.

Presenters: Loren Fauchier, Ph.D., Director of Global Education, Providence Day School, NC